You may have noticed the new TV season is slowly rolling out.
One show coming back for a second season is NBC’s The Good Place. TV icon and co-star of the show Ted Danson talked with us about the new season.

KING: "Ted Danson, How are you, sir?"

DANSON: "I'm good Michael, how are you?"

KING: “I'm great, thanks for asking. So for those who aren't familiar with The Good Place could you tell us more about it and your character?”

DANSON: "I can. I play Michael who is an architect in the afterlife, it takes place in the afterlife, and I'm kind of middle management. My job is to create a neighborhood that is perfect in every way so that people who recently passed over, humans, will have everything they want. And then things start to go haywire when you realize Kristen Bell, her character, doesn't really belong there she belongs in the bad place. And so things start falling apart and I start to panic. But at the very end, if it's ok, spoiler alert here, the very end episode of the season you discover that I'm actually batting for the other team."

KING: “Ahh... so you became the bad, nasty guy when everyone thought you were good?

DANSON: "Let's not say nasty; he has a job to do. He didn't event good and bad he's just in charge of torturing the bad people. They made the mistake on earth. I actually love that our show is about something. It really does talk about ethics it talks about consequences that what you do on earth matters. That your actions create a ripple effect throughout the universe. That's a great message, especially if it's kinda wrapped in a nine-year-old sense of humor with a little bit of special effects magic. I love this show and I'm so happy to be a part of it."

KING: Well speaking of shows we love, Cheers made its debut on NBC 35 years ago...”

DANSON: "Hahahaha."

KING: I know right, 1982 was a while ago. But how has TV changed for you since then?

DANSON "Hair. I had a lot more hair."

KING: We all did.

DANSON: "You know what, cable came along, cable and Larry David came along and changed half-hour situational comedy forever and I think in a great way. I think it freed us up to take on bigger subjects."

KING: Very cool. Well thanks for chatting with us Ted and best of luck with the new season of your show.

DANSON: "Thank You."

The Good Place airs on Wednesday nights at 10:00 pm on NBC