Woodinville,WA - You never know what doors will open when you enter into retirement. Former salesman Bob Bullock is now driving a forklift. His wife Lauren shares wine drinking tips with customers. And it's all because of a couple of inexpensive, prize winning blends that just happen to have a very catchy name.

  "I like to spend a lot of time in the hot tub when I can," says Bullock."That's kind of a think tank for me and I came home and I said 'OK I have it' and Lauren goes 'What is it now?'   I said we're going to do the 12th Blend and she goes  'I like that but it's going to be our give back label.'"

For every bottle of 12th Blend wine sold, Eye of the Needle Winery donates two meals to Northwest Harvest.

"We work hard but why do it if you can't give back to your community?" says Lauren Bullock. "The minute they hear you buy a bottle you feed two people they're like 'I'll take a case !"

If it sounds like Lauren's exaggerating, look at the numbers.

"We've done 150,000 plus meals in 18 months and it's just gonna be an ongoing thing" says Bob Bullock.

The better the Seahawks do, the higher the 12th Blend sales. The Bullocks don't expect their favorite team's run-- or theirs--will end in Charlotte Sunday.

"There's no question we're gonna win!" says Lauren Bullock.