French food is Chef Andy Dekle's specialty, but when sourcing ingredients for his restaurant, Marée Bistro & Bar, he starts close to home.

"I go up to the West Seattle neighborhood farmers market," said Dekle. "I've developed relationships with a lot of the farmers there. And I just walk around and shop for items."

That's just one step Dekle takes to give his French food, a Northwest twist.

"We have a monthly rotating menu to keep it hyper-seasonal so whatever is fresh and delicious at the moment."

"This week I got some beef cheeks from Rainbow Farms and a little bit of oxtail to go with them."

"We have cassoulet here at Marée from October to all the way into March. Typically a batch of cassoulet is at least a three-day process if not four. It's just a really hardy, heartwarming dish on a winter night."

"Pate is another thing we take great pride in here. When it’s done right it's a beautiful dish."

And exquisite food deserves the perfect wine.

"Here we focus on small producers from France, Washington, California, Oregon, " Said Megan Hartz of Marée.“We sell a lot of Bordeaux, Châteauneuf du pape."

Choosing a wine can intimidate some, so Hartz hopes you'll trust her to pick the perfect glass.

"I love the people who come in and let me take care of that and do the whole wine pairing process and then they leave, they walked out very, very happy."

And the piece de resistance of Maree? Its prime viewing spot along Alki Beach.

"It's a fantastic location. The sunsets are gorgeous the views and watching the ferries cross the sound," Said Dekle. "We want people to come in and just have an experience, not just a meal."