Portland knows how to have fun with breakfast.

Take a trip to the popular make your own pancake restaurant, Slappy Cakes.

Here, if you don't like the way your pancakes turn out... You've only got yourself to blame.

“People wanna have fun,” said Slappy Cakes executive chef Laura Rhoman. “People have been taking food very seriously for the past few years and it's possible to have very good food and have a really good time while eating it.”

You choose the batter and toppings. The trick is knowing when to flip.

They've also got chicken fried bacon and best of all, someone else cleans up this mess

Short on time? Welcome to the waffle window.

This is what happens when a pastry chef gets whimsical with waffles.

“Ooooh. It's a tough choice but I'm going to go with the Farm Fusion,” said Evening’s Saint Bryan. “It has got spinach mushrooms, bacon, chevre , little red tomatos. Looks pretty good!”