The Shutter Bus is a photo booth on wheels.

“We basically took everything in a portrait studio and condensed it and put it in a Volkswagen bus,” said Garrett Hystek, whose mother, a professional photographer in Gig Harbor, came up with the idea. Hystek and his family drive their vintage ’74 VW bus all over Puget Sound for weddings and corporate events.

“Clients hop in when it's their turn,” Hystek said. “You can see yourself right there on the screen. It takes your picture like an old school photo booth, and when you pop out, the photo strips are sitting there waiting for you.”

Hystek hoped the Shutter Bus would be popular. He had no idea. His family is already building a second bus now that the first one is booked solid.

The technology is state of the art. The props are handmade by friends, but it's really something about what happens when people crowd in together that makes the photos so special.

“It's absolutely amazing -- the amount of laughter and smiles this thing creates,” says Hystek. “You shove them in the back of the bus in this tiny confined space, and magic happens."

How much does it cost to have Shutter Bus Co. at your function? Prices range from $750 to $1,500 for one one of those big, fancy corporate events.