At the Seattle home of Gus Lopez, the locks don't stop on the doors and windows. That's because his house is home to one of the largest and most unique collection in the world.

“You can say that Star Wars has taken over the house. Another way to look at it is we picked our house based on being able to display all the Star Wars stuff." Said Lopez.

Though his collection has some familiar items, Gus enjoys the challenge of finding things a little more obscure.

"For me, I go after fairly unique things that people don't know about."

But perhaps Gus's most prized piece is a real Star Wars star. Literally.

"The most significant piece I probably have is the Death Star model from the first film. It's a three-dimensional model that was used for all the wide angle shots of the Death Star in the first film."

Gus has received offers of over two hundred thousand dollars for the model that was almost thrown out as trash.

"It's basically the only globe they made of the Death Star. It's a pretty major piece in the making of Star Wars."

It's been decades since Star Wars first shoot across the screen. But the pull of collecting is a force Gus Lopez has no plans on fighting.

"I can keep on collecting forever. I don't have any intentions to ever stop."

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