If you've ever felt guilty about leaving your dog in a concrete room full of barking animals, The Dog Lodge at Sherman Valley Ranch might be the place for you.

It was on a sunny morning sometime between feeding the ducks, the tortoise, and Beatrice the pig at her family ranch when Destiny Cox realized her constant canine companion Annabelle has the life most dogs dream about.

"A lot of them like to be out there where it is quiet, serene and sort of a family type place," Cox said about dogs.

They were always boarding horses at Sherman Valley Ranch. So why not extend that invitation to dogs?

That's how The Dog Lodge got its start. It's a kennel for dogs that comforts nervous owners looking for more than four walls and a concrete dog run.

Ashley Jacobsen is one customer that can't take her two pups with her on a rafting trip, but that doesn't mean they can't go on vacation, too.

"My dogs are my family," Jacobsen said. "I don't have children so they are my children."

Her two corgis Cori and Ari have been to The Dog Lodge before.

"They know they'll get lots of play time during their stay. They will get long walks in the woods. There will be treats and warm baths, " said Jacobsen. "Best of all, they get to hang out with a genuine dog mom, Destiny."

And there's one more thing Destiny does that means a lot to the traveling dog owners.

"I will take pictures of [the dogs] and videos of them and send them to their owners," Cox said. "Especially if they're feeling nervous."

So while on a getaway, it will almost be like your dog is still right by your side.

Alas, every vacation must come to an end -- even dog vacations.

The Dog Lodge at Sherman Valley Ranch
8824 Sherman Valley Rd SW
Olympia, WA 98512

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