The 43rd annual Seattle International Film Festival opens Thursday. With over 400 films playing, choosing which ones to see can be overwhelming. SIFF Executive Director, Sarah Wilke gave Evening a few of the highlight films from this year's 25-day festival. You won't want to miss these:

The Big Sick – May 18

“It's kind of a complex and cultural romantic comedy it's written by Kumail Nanjiani from Silicon Valley and his wife Emily V. Gordon. So it's the true story of their courtship."

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World - May 26 - 27

"It's a documentary that traces the legacy and the contributions of indigenous people into the rock community and how strong those influences have been. It's a real music lovers film and it’s also a real cultural and history film.”

The Hero – May 28

“Who doesn't love Sam Elliot. It's either the mustache or the voice I don't know which people prefer. This movie The Hero that he's coming with, it is made for him. You can't believe how well he fits in this role of kind of long term aging actor and what it means to be in that world today and reinvent yourself.”

The Young Karl Marx – June 11

“This is a Raoul Peck film so for us, it's incredibly interesting to think of this Haitian director who's taking a look at 19th century Germany, Karl Marx and the rise of communism. It's another way for us to be thinking about what it means in the world today this kind of intersection of words and ideas and cultures."