Seattle Mama Doc, Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson, has tips to help you talk to children through what happened with the senseless gun violence in Las Vegas.

Early elementary

• They don’t know reality vs. fantasy

• Keep information simple and brief

• No need to introduce information if they don’t know

Middle school

• Need help distinguishing reality from fantasy

• May ask more questions about safety

• Give simple, honest answers

High school

• Know reality from fantasy

• Can be easy to distort reality during events like this

• May form strong opinions about violence in schools

• Emphasize their role in maintaining safety

Gun statistics

1 in 3 homes with children in the U.S. have guns

• More than 40 percent of gun-owning households with kids keep the firearm unlocked

• Suicide risk is nine-times higher where guns kept unlocked

What parents should know

• Always ask if guns are present when your child visits another home

• Children who see guns in movies may be more likely to hold a gun and pull the trigger

• Keep your guns locked and unloaded stored separately from ammunition

• Safe storage = 75 percent reduction in the risk of firearm suicide and unintentional shootings

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