Much like her character Alice in the new movie "Home Again," Reese Witherspoon's life is a balancing act -- even during an interview.

As her one-on-one with Kim Holcomb was set to begin, Witherspoon’s phone buzzed with a text she needed to answer.

WITHERSPOON: "Okay, sorry, just needed to check on my kids. I've got three kids in three different schools, two have started back and one hasn't, so I have the one at home who's like, ‘Where are you, where are you?’ I'm like, ‘Work!’ But it’s okay.”

HOLCOMB: "I read that you said turning 40 was liberating for you?”

WITHERSPOON: “Oh for sure, and I had girlfriends telling me it was going to be great and I was like, 'Really?' But I do think it's a time where you know yourself really well, you know what you want to accomplish in life, and you have all this accumulated knowledge to share with people."

HOLCOMB: "I do have to blame you for something…”


HOLCOMB: “I lose hours of productivity on your Instagram feed.”

WITHERSPOON (laughing): “Really?”

HOLCOMB: “It's intoxicating. It's so good, even though I know my life will never be this way. Is your life that perfect all the time? Can you give me one area of your life that's messier than your Instagram would lead us to believe?”

WITHERSPOON: “Oh please, everything about my life is messy. The thing that was crazy about working on this movie is, we went into the house and I was like, ‘Where are all the kid toys?” Because my house is covered, ceiling to floor in kids toys and scribbles. My life is definitely very messy."

HOLCOMB: "I love the theme in the movie that, when we're 25, we make choices for ourselves that can dictate a lot of the rest of our life. When you look back at your own life, how do you make choices differently now than you did at 25, in a way that you're proud of?"

WITHERSPOON: "I went through a lot of experiences that Alice went through. I got married when I was 23 years old, and your life changes. You're not a grown-up when you're 23 - you think you are but you're not. And I love that this movie explores that, and talks about the next chapter of people's lives, because we live these long lives and you have to decide - is that a track you want to be on for the rest of your life? And I think that's what a lot of women in their 40's are trying to figure out."

"Home Again" is rated PG-13 and opens in theaters September 8.

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