U2 played to a crowd of about 50,000 Sunday night at CenturyLink Field.

It was the first time Ticketmaster used its credit card entry option for concert goers to enter.

Ticketmaster said it’s designed to prevent scalping, but it turned out to be a huge hassle and led to long lines at U2’s Vancouver show Friday.

Some still had issues Sunday.

Bremerton’s Jeff Winger said he planned accordingly.

“Heard they had some problems with the tickets and the credit card system, so we decided to come down early,” he said.

He also liked the system for another reason.

“I think if it allows other people to get their hands on tickets instead of scalpers buying multiples,” he said. “We lost out on going to see Pink and Adele because of the way the tickets were sold. If this eases that situation, we’re okay with it.”

Ticketmaster explained that’ the reasoning behind the new option:

“When Credit Card Entry is the only option it’s probably because the tickets are in high demand, and the artist, team, or venue wants true fans like you to get the seats you want at face value by eliminating unfair competition from professional scalpers. Without the ability to resell tickets at steep prices, scalpers have no reason to snatch them up when they go on sale using automated software, or 'bots'."