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A Seattle lip sync group is trying to get the attention of New Kids On The Block in hopes of opening for them at their concert in Seattle next Wednesday.

All4Doras is made up of four guys who lip sync and wear fedoras. They started four years ago and hold concerts monthly at venues across Western Washington. They’re a fun and ridiculous group with a fun and ridiculous idea.

“New Kids is pretty much invincible. They’re legendary. But what better way to give this tour a shot in the arm than with a local Seattle boyband,” Michael Henrichsen said. “I mean you got Sir Mix A Lot, you got Macklemore, you got Pearl Jam, and you got this group right here, All4Doras.”

“That’s the Mount Rushmore of Seattle Bands,” fellow band member Mike Iannone said with a laugh.

The group created a Facebook video that has been circulated online and through Twitter. They’ve tried reaching out to New Kids, or their official openers Boyz II Men and Paula Abdul.

“Paula Abdul did follow us on Twitter, so that’s probably a huge sign,” Henrichsen joked.

Though this request may seem ridiculous, it’s certainly not impossible. In 2012, Henrichsen started an online effort to get Billy Idol to play at his birthday party. Guess what? Billy Idol showed up.

Could this be next?

Concert organizer LiveNation said it is aware of the request and said, at this point, it can only promise to get the offer in front of the right people.

“We love to have fun. We’re all best friends. We just like to entertain people, so the more ridiculous we are, the more fanny packs we can wear, the better,” Henrichsen said.

Watch their Facebook video here

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