Saturday marks 25 years since Nirvana's iconic album "Nevermind" was released.

The album became a success in 1991 thanks to its first single, "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

In 1992, "Nevermind" replaced Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" at number one spot on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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The album and Nirvana's success had a huge and lasting impact on Seattle music and culture.

Here are a few places around the city where you can relive the glory:

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  • Re-bar: Nirvana got kicked out of the "Nevermind" album release party at Re-Bar.
  • Linda's Tavern: It's believed that Kurt Cobain was last seen at Linda's before he died.
  • EMP: Check out EMP's Nirvana exhibit
  • KEXP: KEXP was the first radio station to play "Nevermind"
  • The Crocodile: Nirvana was a regular at The Crocodile in Belltown.
  • Pier 48: Nirvana played at Pier 48 for MTV's 'Live and Loud' New Year's Eve special.
  • Seattle Center Coliseum: Nirvana played their last Seattle show at Seattle Center Coliseum (now known as KeyArena) on January 8, 1994.
  • Viretta Park: Nirvana fans create memorials at Viretta Park, located close to Cobain's home, on the anniversary of the lead singer's death and birthday.
  • Denny Blaine House: Cobain's home is near Lake Washington in Seattle's Leschi neighborhood. The new owners are used to fans stopping by to see the residence.

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