The NBC show Grimm met its demise this year after 6 successful seasons. Now the network is hoping they've found their latest supernatural-thriller in Midnight, Texas. No, that’s not a place, that's the name of the show. In this interview, two stars from the program, Francois Arnaud and Sarah Ramos, talk about the new show.

Michael King: “So we've seen the promos for the show, but can one of you explain the premise behind Midnight, Texas?”

Francois Arnaud: “Midnight is a small town in Texas where evil is sort of drawn to so it attracts this crew of people who are considered outsiders in the real world. Most of these people have supernatural powers that they're having a hard time controlling because Midnight sits on a veil between the world of the living and the dead and the veil is thinning and supernatural powers are getting out of control.

Sarah Ramos: “So everyone has to fight together to protect Midnight from the evil that's coming."

Jim Dever: The show is based on the books by Charlaine Harris. She of course also did the True Blood books too. Do you have a theory on why her books are so popular with her fans?”

Francois Arnaud: "Ah, I think her books, her whole world is a great sort of marriage between crazy supernatural actiony, scary stuff and some really deep real character drama. And I think that whole small town vibe where everyone knows each other and knows each other secrets is just appealing to a lot of people."

Kim Holcomb: Sarah, supernatural stuff isn't for everyone. Who do you think would like this show?

Sarah Ramos: "Yeah, definitely if you like genre you should watch the show. If you like True Blood you should definitely check it out. I am actually not a supernatural fan, so I was drawn to it because of the small-town vibe and our creator was like, 'actually is still like a family drama it just looks different than the other ones'. Everyone becomes a family."

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