Puget Sound Forecast: Patchy fog comes back. Lows in the upper-20's to low-30's.

Mountain Forecast: Freezing level near 8,000 feet. Pass temps in the 30's

Coast Forecast: Partly cloudy overnight with early fog. Lows in the 30's.

Eastern Washington Forecast: Cloudy. Lows in the low-20's.


Cold, fog, clearing, sunny, do it again tomorrow.

Air pollution is continuing to be a problem. The Air Stagnation Advisory is still in effect for much of Puget Sound having been extended to Thursday. It was originally expected to end Monday at noon. And while some burn bans were allowed to expire (King and Snohomish Counties), E. Clallam, Thurston and Pierce Counties are will experience bans. The atmosphere will get a "washing" by Friday.

The high that has brought up a few smoke particulates this far north, and made our sunsets orange as it mixes with our own haze will start to break down and scoot to the south. As it does it will make way for more rain and a scrubbing of our air.

The high has moved out of the way just enough to make way for a few showers along the peninsula and the northern part of the coast tonight. But the bigger movement will take place later in the week as the afore rain make our December look closer to normal.

Rhonda A. Lee/ KING 5 Meteorologist