A new month brings in yet another rainfall record for Seattle.

We have accumulated 47.24 inches of rain for the fall, winter, and spring. That makes this the wettest October through June on record. Even if we don’t see another drop for the rest of this month, we’ll still hold the title.

The last record of 47.23” was set just set last year during the 2015-2016 season.

The rain record isn’t just a talker around the office. It's hurting businesses, farmers and even different wildlife around the region.

“Well this year, in particular, it’s probably going to be at least a month of business income lost. It’s definitely going to be a slower year this year," said Brian Collins of Collins Family Orchards.

Since January 1, 70 percent of our days have had rain.

The long-range models are showing a warmer and drier pattern to hit the region, of which we’ve already got a glimpse.

This last Memorial Day was the warmest Memorial Day since 1995 when we saw highs reach the 80s over the weekend. We have more 80s returning and will be here by next week.