Community Transit is looking to hire around 250 bus drivers and mechanics as it prepares to expand bus service in Snohomish County.

The agency held a job fair Wednesday to attract talent. Positions start at $20/hour with benefits just to begin the 10-week training period.

"With the unemployment rate being as low as it is, it's difficult," said Chris Beck, human resources manager with Community Transit.

"We're holding events like this so people can come and find out about community transit."

Around 50 people showed up to the first job fair, and Community Transit says there may be more job fairs to come.

The increased workforce will help provide 38 percent more transit service for Snohomish County residents over the next several years including the build-out of a bus rapid transit network called Swift.

The Swift Blue Line, serving Everett-Shoreline since 2009, provides about 6,000 rides a day, or 1.7 million rides a year.

Construction started this spring on the Swift Green Line, which will serve Canyon Park/Bothell-Boeing/Paine Field in early 2019.

A third bus rapid transit line, the Swift Orange Line, is planned to connect with Link Light Rail at the Lynnwood Transit Center in 2023.

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