The Northwest's Best Known Linguaphile

Wordsmith Anu Garg
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SEATTLE - "Linguaphile, " says Anu Garg. " It means lover of language and words."

And that--in a word--is Anu Garg. You see, words are his bailiwick ( noun; a person's area of interest and expertise)

Anu has a deep appreciation of words.

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"Words touch all of us," he says. "You might be a truck driver, a professor, a student . Everybody can relate to words."

Words like pettifogger (noun; a petty, unscrupulous lawyer.) stellenbosch (verb; to relegate someone incompetent to a position of minimal authority) and pecksniffian ( adj; pretending to have high moral principles).

"I started learning English in 6th grade." says Garg," and of course I learned English as a second language."

Anu says he learned to love words through his father, a bibliotaph ( noun: one who hoards books)

"My father he really, really, really loved books, " said Garg. "so whenever we would transfer to another city, it doesn't matter if the furniture gets damaged but nothing should happen to the books."

A computer scientist, Anu moved to the United States and began sharing his favorite words through emails sent out to colleagues in the earliest days of the internet. Within years he had up to a million subscribers in more than 200 countries.Twenty years later, Anu still sends out words definitions and the story behind them.

It's how he makes a living and Anu's love of words shows no sign of deliquescence.
( verb; melting away)

"Words come to me in my dreams! They say 'Pick me, pick me! I want to be featured!'"

Words like bardolphian ( adj; having a red complexion, especially a red nose)

But do we really need such big words?

"The way I see it." He says "having a large vocabulary is like an artist having a large palette of colors. So you don't have to use all these colors in a single painting but it helps to be able to find just the right shade when you need it."

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