Two proposals to tighten Washington gun laws

People convicted of some serious crimes are barred from owning firearms. Attempting to buy a gun legally -- even if the prohibited buyer fails a background check -- is a violation of state and federal law, yet few are prosecuted.
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OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Anti-gun advocates met in Olympia on Thursday to rally behind two proposals that would tighten Washington state gun laws.

House Bill 1387 would require an annual license from a local law enforcement agency to own, buy or sell a semi-automatic rifle. The bill also enhances the background check process for this kind of firearm.

HB 1122 would require safe storage of weapons around children. It would make it a guaranteed misdemeanor or felony -- depending on how the gun is used -- if the unsecured firearm is illegally used by someone else.

According to the Mass Shooting Tracker, there were 11 mass shooting in Washington state last year. (Mass shootings count if  four or more people are injured or killed)

There were two mass shootings in 2015, four mass shooting in 2014, and four mass shootings in 2013.