Sick and Forgotten at Hanford

Sick and Forgotten at Hanford.
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Sick Hanford workers are struggling to get the medical help they need after doing dangerous work at the site.

A KING 5 investigation finds a pattern of systemic denial of worker compensation claims after people get sick. The U.S. Department of Energy and its contractor that manages the worker compensation program seemingly do everything in their power to prevent claims from being accepted - leaving workers exasperated, broke, and unable to get the help they need.

Sick and denied care at Hanford: ‘We want our lives back'


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Former Hanford doctor ‘under duress' to disregard worker safety


Lawmakers consider bill to help sick Hanford workers


Secrecy and denial over rare toxic metal


Hanford worker comp contractor sees contract cancelled


At Hanford, workers comp can be a 'humiliating' system


House approves bill aimed to help sick Hanford workers


Senators demand investigation of Hanford worker comp

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