For Sale: Vashon Island estate for $43 million

Misty Isle Farms is for sale of Vashon Island for 43 million dollars
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VASHON ISLAND, WA -- When you hear a home is listed for 43 million dollars, most people can't believe their ears. But when you feast your eyes on this property, you see why it's so much more than "just a house".

"To be this close to Seattle and have a 500 acre property, this is pretty rare." Said realtor Brad Vancour of Realogics Sotheby's International Realty.

"We're at Misty Isle Farms here on Vashon Island. It's a 525 acre estate. It was put together over a number of years starting in the late 1970's. It's one of the largest properties in the Seattle area." Said Vancour.

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"The main house is actually quite modest. It's about 6500 square feet. It's designed in a western style."

But it's the land the house sits on that makes this place one of a kind.

"Some of the nicest landscaping of anywhere in the state is here on this property," explained Vancour. "There's over 3000 trees that have been planted here. Over 300 different variety of trees. The rose garden is pretty unique. There's over 100 different varieties of roses that have been planted in the rose garden."

There's no water view, but there's plenty of it around. "There's a number of man-made water features all over the property," Said Vancour. "The largest one is 3 acres. There's a huge fountain and an island in the middle of it."

And if you like animals there's plenty of room for them too.

"In the past they raised Arabian horses here," Said Vancour. "Currently they have Angus cattle here on the property."

Misty Isle Farms may be on an island, but you have many options on how to get here.

"We're really just a 5 minute helicopter ride from downtown Seattle or by ferry you can get to Seattle in about 30 minutes." Said Vancour. If you don't want to wait for a ferry, you can land your plane on the property's private runway.

"Any property that would be close to a major city of this size would be considerably more in the 100 million range or more." Said Vancour.

So while the price tag may not be small, whoever buys Misty Isle Farms will definitely be living large.

"You've got it all here. You've got your own sanctuary." Said Vancour.