Doctor and patient 'Brave the Shave"

Brave the Shave event
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SEATTLE -- Behind the big smile of Doctor Doug Hawkins hides a hint of hesitation and a touch of anxiety.

"Well, I haven't ever prepared for this ever in my life," he said.

The respected oncologist at Seattle Children's has nervously agreed to change his appearance and go bald like many of the cancer patients he treats.

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"I have a cap to keep my head warm and I hear that's going to be a problem with no hair," said Dr. Hawkins.

Adding to the anticipation is the doctor's barber for the day, his former patient Gary Yost.

"Well, I do have to remember he is shaving my head after this," said Yost.

The head shaving event is a first at Seattle Children's. The hospital is partnering with St. Baldrick's Foundation to raise money for childhood cancer research.

"We have fully embraced raising money for pediatric cancer and the need is still there," said Kelly Forebaugh.

Forebaugh helped organize "Brave the Shave" at Seattle Children's. Her inspiration came back in 2010. That's when 'Evening' first met the Forebaugh family. Their six year old son Jackson was battling cancer and Forebaugh was on her way to Hollywood to get a heck of a haircut.

In California, she joined other Mom's going bald for St. Baldricks. When Forebaugh returned home, Jackson and his lttle bother Oliver couldn't figure out why Mom was now looking a lot like Dad.

Almost five years later Jackson is better. Many kids are not. That's why Forebaugh wanted to bring "Brave the Shave" to Seattle.

It's also why Dr,. Hawkins agreed to sit still and put clippers in Yost's inexperienced hands.

After the doctor got a little -- a lot -- of the top and sides, the roles were reversed. Dr. Hawkins shaved Yost's head.

Afterwards, Dr. Hawkins said, "I feel a little light." Yost added, " Yeah, it feels a little breezier."

Dr. Hawkins and Yost "Brave the Shave" knowing two bald heads are better than one. But, even more are needed to fund childhood cancer research.

"... and possible get a total cure for this," said Yost. "Why are people walking around with hair? Just cut it off and be beautiful."

There's another St. Baldrick's event called, "Love Buzz" on May 2nd in Seattle's Sodo neighborhood.

You can sign up as a shavee or go and cheer people on. For more information click here.