Artist behind Obama 'Hope' poster has exhibit in Pioneer Square

Printed Matters at Treason Gallery features the work of artist Shepard Fairey.
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Artist Shepard Fairey, whose Obama "Hope" poster became the most publicized piece of political art in the world, is the subject of a new exhibit in Pioneer Square.

Printed Matters is a retrospective of his work rooted in prints, using mixed materials like aluminum, wood, and repurposed newspapers. It’s on display inside Treason Gallery through September 2.

"I think it's pretty impressive when you see an artist that has had the career and extent of the career he's had to still be really grounded in his roots and still very passionate about his work,” said Mathew McMurry, Director of Treason Gallery

When Fairey attended the opening, he spent about 10 minutes with every guest who wanted to meet him.

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"It took him about an hour and a half to even get into the gallery because once people saw him coming up, he was swarmed,” McMurry said.

While the specific inspiration for each of the pieces may be up to interpretation, the political messages are crystal clear. That, McMurry says, is the genius of the work.

"Whether you're a child or a well-informed political advisor, you're able to grasp what he's trying to say with his work, which I think is really important in today's society,” McMurry said.

Treason Gallery is located on 3rd Avenue South and is open to the public Thursday through Saturday.

Treason Gallery
(206) 257-5513
319 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104


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